Inkonjane: The Lightening Bird

Set and Costume Designer / Set Maker

Fettle and Fable 

Working with Fettle and Fable I designed set and costumes for 'Inkonjane: The Lightening Bird', along with Constructing the set and props. (Puppets made by Ruth Pigott, @curiosity_arts. Costume made by Rachel Hodgson @r.m.hodgson.)

Budget: £1,500  .   Production Photos Taken by Gavin Joynt @gavinjoynt


Told though Puppetry, Shadow Puppetry, Props and Song, we follow the myths stories and folklore of the Swallow's journey from Africa to Yorkshire and back to Africa again!

The set had to be flexible to cover the multiple terrains which we visit in the story, easy to assemble and disassemble by single person and adjust to different room sizes along with fold into the back of the car.