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When They Go Low

Set and Costume Designer / Maker

‘When They Go Low is a new play written as part of the Connections Festival 2018, held by the National Theatre, London; it tackles the topics of feminism, inequality and cyber bullying.

This job required me to collaborate with up to 30 acting students aged between 16 -18 along with two directors - Amy Legge and Fay Rayner - and technical staff and students. To design, make and source a transportable set.

Budget £250

They Go Low: Text
They Go Low: Pro Gallery

I have created a minimalist, multipurpose and abstract design, which expresses the comedy of the play as well as the underlying serious message. The energy of the production was kept with a solid bright colour scheme, representing the google colours. The design displays physical social media platforms which both isolate and group together the characters, along with trapping them in a modern online world.

As the audience enter the auditorium, rapidly moving spotlights immediately draw your attention and pull you into this world before the play has begun. The spotlights seen in the context of the play represents the loading of social media software which the actors will soon use throughout the production.

They Go Low: Text
They Go Low: Text
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