Elves and the Shoemaker

Set and Costume Designer

Nottingham Playhouse’s Neville Studio 2018 Christmas show!

The production spent a month in house, members of the public invited to watch, interact and play with the cast and design. Afterwards ‘Clara’s cobbling shop’ hit the road to tour local schools and hospitals in and around Nottingham.

Budget: £2,500  .   Production Photos Taken by Pamela Raith


The concept of this piece revolved around a hidden play ground. During the day this is Clara’s (the shoemakers) workshop, at night the elves come out to play. Clara’s work bench becomes a slide, her washing line becomes a skipping rope, the ashes in the fire turn into a sand pit, and the moon is a hula hoop.

Audience participation is an essential for myself and director (Siobhan Cannon-Brownlie) we therefore invite the children to help the elves make the shoes, which I designed based on well known nursery rhymes. Many children began to sing along as they worked!


★★★★ It is a delightful inclusive and weaves its distinct magic with this enraptured young audience.

"The flexible set design by Rebecca Constable finds us regularly amused by theatrical surprises such as characters appearing from inside sets of drawers. Spoiler alert! Ooops too late. Sorry.Surprise and creative invention are the key notes of this piece."

East Midlands Theatre