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Letters from the Front

Set Designer / Maker

With a combination of Animation and set design this production tells a true story of the love letters passed between a young couple during the first world war; who had only met in person three times. This production will tour around the country starting with Nottingham’s Lakeside Theatre.

Budget £500

Letters from the Front: Text
Letters from the Front: Pro Gallery

Edith and Geoff are literally trapped in a whirlwind of emotion and letters. Interacting with the on screen animation. Geoff sends an origami aeroplane across the world to Edith who physically receives it, she then proceeds to do the same with an origami bird.

It was important for me, to bring the world of animation into the physical world, having paper spilling from the frames screen and out onto the floor.

This production had previously been performed using only the back projection screen, going into this project I wanted to challenge director (Gloria Lowe) into freeing up the space and letting the characters walk in each other’s shadows. E.g. Geoff’s bunker bed would turn into Edith’s bedroom.

Letters from the Front: Text
Letters from the Front: Text
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