A Quest for Stolen Beauty

Set and Costume Designer

Sheffield Theatre collaborated with people with learning disabilities and  Autism, to create a devised performance, in the Studio Theatre - June 2019.

Budget £1,500  .  Production Photos Taken by Chris Saunders


The design evolved through the means of play and collaboration with the cast. I designed their costumes through the character description they provided for me, e.g ‘Evil, old, disgusting man’ was a dirty old man who lived in the woods with his wolves, when he was angry, fire dripped from him and when he was happy the fire disappeared. This costume consisted of a wolf fur collar with a collection of fabric flowing in a cape around him (the fire) when the other characters throw kindness at him the material was ripped away.

With the cast we created a map of the world they had made, which then became the centre of our design. Around the edge of the map was a list of the cast and creative team, allowing the cast to take home a token of this experience.