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Impact has won the '2016 Young Creative of the Year award' Nottingham, along with being nominated for the ‘British Dyslexia Association Award 2017’ and the ‘Young Champions Award 2018’.


Throughout this story I am not going to describe what the character looks like, I’m not going to tell you their gender, most of the characters will not have names. This is because their appearance, gender and name will not help you get to know the character, on the contrary it may distract you from the topic of Dyslexia.

I chose to write this story as I want to highlight what people dealing with Dyslexia may feel like. I feel that even in this year of 2016 not enough teachers, students, parents, children and the public are recognising what Dyslexia is and how it can impact on your life.

This writing is made up of true experiences, some are my own and others are my classmates. There is no age limit to dyslexia so we do not get to see if the character is 5 or 15. There is no gender or distinguishing features to the main character as I am not trying to represent one person but many children, teenagers or adults, struggling with Dyslexia. here are many different ways Dyslexia can impact on someone, I therefore have introduced more than one character with Dyslexia both with very different personalities.

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