BD Stories

Set and Costume Designer / Maker

The production toured two new plays ‘Number 4’ and ‘Pasto Thriller’ to churches and community venues in and around Bradford. Working with Freedom Studios and directors Kash Arshad and Alex Chisholm I designed, constructed, painted and sourced set and costume within a one-and-a-half-week period for both shows.

Budget £500

Production Photos taken by Tom Woollard


The main challenge I encountered during this project was space and time, not only did the set tour in a single van, but the playing spaces at the venues became very tight; we had no time for a get in or get out and only a 10 minute break between performances.

I therefor built a multipurpose, set which could adapt to multiple spaces, and provide a quick turnaround during performance – you literally turned the boxes around!


Live Broadcast

After BD Stories tour of Bradford. Freedom Studios created an app which allowed live theatre to be broadcast from multiple mobile devices. I therefore joined the team again to find and dress two locations suitable for a live broadcast of both plays, within a three day period.