Set and Costume Designer / Maker

Collaborating with Stand and Be Counted Theatre Company (SBC) and Sheffield Theatres to perform on the Crucible stage during the Together Festival!

Budget £1,800 . Photos taken by Becky Payne.

SBC is the first theatre of sanctuary in the UK, creating work with, about and for anyone of any age seeking sanctuary.


I have been working with this group to create the set and props for the Together Festival at the Crucible theatre, Sheffield. Themed around video games!

Everyone got involved creating drawings of video game characters for the show which I then turned into posters which were displayed in the Crucible foyer, and used to create the set. Written in English, Arabic, and Turkish for everyone to read!

The kids had so much fun decorating there own video game controllers which they used on stage to control the projection. Along with designing and making their own badges to decorate their costumes.

Projection designer Matt Powellicus!