The Blue Bird

Set Designer and Maker

Tell Tale Hearts 

After completing the Research and Development project in 2020, it was time to create the set and costumes, using the children's ideas, who took part in the R&D.

Budget £1,200 .  Production Photos Taken by Gavin Joynt


Throughout the story we explore four lands -  Memory, Luxury, Night and Future on our quest to find the real Blue Bird, before Myrtle moves out of her family home! 

With every box comes a new surprise, forgotten toys, and magical pine cone people (3D Printed). A simple hat box turns into a golden bird cage, a 'For Sale' sign turns into a popup book. Best of all tear away the wallpaper to reveal the twisted shadows of the land of night!

Shadow puppets made by Lisa Difford, Micky and Blue Bird puppet made by Kathleen Yore.