The Bird Blue Research & Development

Set Designer and Maker

Tell Tale Hearts 

During the November coronavirus lockdown we worked with local schools and children in Barnsley and Rotherham, to create a devised virtual performance of the Blue bird, from our homes.  

Budget £500 .  Production Photos Taken by Gavin Joynt


I lead three design workshops, both in person (socially distanced) and over zoom; which allowed us to see what worlds the children imagined the Blue Bird to live in.

We found the use of puppetry essential within the story telling process as it allowed us to transform into the magical worlds in which the children had created. Shadow screens become the main focus of the design as it allowed us to manipulate the scale and function of every day, overlooked objects. e.g. A sparkly hat become a night sky behind the shadow screens.  - Puppets were created by Cara Looij